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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Mind Control Stories: "This Is PK" eBook Information

"What This Power Is I Cannot Say, All That I know Is That It Exists!"
-Alexander Graham Bell-

What is this eBook About?

"This is PK" was written by a mystic Yogi who has made remarkable breakthroughs in the field of psychokinesis ("psi"). The field of psi is now a massively growing area of scientific research all over the world; and this has been the trend for the past one-hundred years. "This Is PK" is about the specific connections between the practice of yoga and the development of real psychic powers such as telekinesis/PK. It teaches readers, using mind control stories about the real nature of psi, in light of the author's exciting breakthroughs in the field, including his exciting "Fridge Phenomenon" (F.P.) Discovery. The author maintains that everybody ought to know about the F.P. Discovery, because it reveals the unfettered truth about the potential of the Human consciousness! This is essential to know, in order to elevate your life to the highest and most sublime levels.

"This Is PK" also does a superb job in training the reader to work very effectively with PK power through the chakras. It conditions readers in understanding how to work with PK and create higher metaphysical effects by living through the chakras and within those realms! The author espouses that the only solution to our present "Earth Crisis" to through the power of yoga, the higher self, and learning to live through the chakras, backed by the power of PK! This eBook shows you exactly how to do that. The future and fate of our planet depends on people just like you taking action and learning something new, and expanding your horizons in life via positive permanent change.

So dont miss out on your free copy of this mind control stories eBook Introduction; for getting your spiritual life aligned with the Light, which then changes everything. When the lights come on, then there is no more darkness and misfortune in your world. You should allow this mind control stories eBook to enlighten and illuminate you like never before. Real miracles that lead to real spiritual healing in your life will come out of nowhere, after you master the skill of controlling your PK Power! That is a only natural result of studying these kinds mind control stories and transcendental subject matter. The underlying question at this point is whether you really want positive permanent change in life. The great news is that "This Is PK" shows you through mind control stories how to induce change and how to align your mind, soul and consciousness with the root of all mysticism.

Hence, this mind control stories eBook is a quite handy tool and resource for educating readers in practical and highly effective metaphysics. This mind control stories eBook gives you extensive exposure to the realms of spirituality, occult science, transcendentalism and mystical yoga for understanding how telekinesis really works. All of this information can be used for myriad purposes, such as divine protection, for unlimited personal security, and in connection with all metaphysics! The most powerful aspect of "This Is PK" is that it certainly teaches you exactly how to enhance and control this mystical and cosmic force known as PK unlimited purposes! This mind control stories eBook shows you how PK power is a major part of what makes the Law Of Attraction work much stronger.

This eBook is Critical for Self-Help Primarily Because:

Most people have no clue how telekinesis works in reality, and how to use it for manifestation and spiritual elevation.

Most people are also not clear on what yoga and transcendental meditation really are and how they are centrally related to psi powers.

Since the research and development in the world of psi are at an all time high and predicted to exponentially increase, people need to know what we are facing as a society.

PK is very real, and this min control stories eBook exposes you to the stark realities of psi/PK that you most likely won't find presented this way anywhere else.

"This Is PK" presents real telekinesis in a fun and captivating way that anybody can understand.
Since psi breakthroughs are rapidly emerging as a central part of this New Age/Paradigm on Earth, it is crucial to have some idea of what we are dealing with, and where we are headed!

Since psi is now playing such a major role in the world of modern science and myriad other areas of life, we all should know exactly how it is connected to yoga and TM.

Yogic Power connects the karma and consciousness directly to the highest levels of existence. That is critical to understand for situating our lives on the Utopian planes that we have always wished for. Over time sacred knowledge of the cosmic-celestial forces has been lost and obscured. That is why so many people are bewildered about how to manifest their deepest desires, hopes and dreams by using the raw primal force of PK power! The author believes that telekinesis has its own "frequency" that can give anybody direct access to opulence, rapturous personal freedom, which inevitably fosters perpetual spiritual ecstasy and positive permanently change.

This mind control stories eBook will certainly educate you, by teaching you exactly how to "tune-in" to this PK frequency by using the author's very own "telekinetic triggers." Here, you will learn the secrets from the inside of this great spiritual master's world. So, is telekinesis real or only a matter of occult pop fiction? We all need to know the truth about this, as the answer apparently can have tremendous implications for life itself. In fact, many scientists regard the discovery of valid psi breakthroughs (i.e. the Fridge Phenomenon) and PK Force as being even more significant than the discovery of atomic/nuclear energy!

After reading this mind control stories eBook you will understand exactly why these scientists are so captivated with the potential that PK gives us. It solves for all problems facing us in this Human form of life. "This Is PK" solves for a number of problems facing the majority of Humans. Again, most people basically know nothing about the real nature of True-Psychokinesis which is literally a gift from the Universe! They have no idea how PK really functions, nor how to control this cosmic force. In addition, most have no clue how to directly apply this "transcendental knowledge" for unlimited benefit to Human Life.

This mind control stories manuscript teaches readers about how and why telekinesis and psi power are all connected to the practice of Royal-yoga. Scientists the world over are enamored with the burgeoning science of psi because of the limitless possibilities it presents for revolutionizing Human Life and society—to potentially change the whole course of human development, evolution and civilization! However, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that we all could use more energetic resources to fuel our lives. This explains why many of these scientists consider the latest PK breakthroughs as being even more significant than the "discovery" of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

The F.P. Discovery certainly qualifies as the kind of breakthrough that is comparable to the discovery of the New World. Imagine having that kind of power right at your fingertips and under your control at all times! Well, this mind control stories manuscript gives you direct access to that very same and very real psi power that is your gift from the Universe and your birth-right to use. In fact, many scientists concur that if the existence of psi phenomenon was definitively proven, it could change the whole course of human evolution.

This mind control stories eBook is exciting indeed because it presents the author's discovery, which does definitively prove the existence of psychokinetic/psi phenomenon! Without question, "This Is PK" it is a rich artifact for bringing all of humanity one step closer to the higher levels of existence. With the lower forces of darkness and evil so prevalent on this planet in this age of Kali, "This Is PK" is that light, which can help rescue one from all miseries of existence in the material world. This mind control stories eBook is here to teach you the best ways of controlling your PK and electrokinetic potential, which is based on sound modern scientific research.

Interestingly enough, "This Is PK" specifically concerns our ability to directly affect and control matter, and how that is all connected to the practice of yoga! As knowledge of true-yoga rapidly sweeps the globe at unprecedented rates, it is more important than ever for you to know precisely how it directly affects your PK power. This extraordinary classic collection of mind control stories conditions you to think like a mystic, while unveiling the most phenomenal psychic effects of yogic practice. Here, the author graciously teaches, step-by-step, how to apply this secret knowledge to life itself, for unlimited personal improvement and spiritual enlightenment. Incidentally, this handbook is also a highly recommended way of learning to use your Divine Power (Kundalini) to optimize control over matter as a whole. The FP Discovery is the key to understanding how true-PK really works! In fact, there is no other work on this subject that showcases real telekinesis so well, and presents powerful theories about how one can use this "God-Given" power to galvanize our lives. Get your copy of "This is PK" right now, and see exactly how this is all possible!

There are certain discoveries, inventions, phenomenon and breakthroughs that undeniably change the whole perspective of an era, generation, age, or paradigm. The FP qualifies as such a stride for Humanity, which is why nearly everybody wants to know more about it. If you wish to have something that others do not have that gives you a sure competitive advantage in life, which is needed as an evolving being, then knowledge of the FP discovery is exactly what you need!

Great realizations such as the FP are essential for any paradigm-shift, and when they become common knowledge, the new shift in mindset is irreversible. Indeed, our planet is on the brink of a whole new paradigm, a "New Age" called Aquarius, and the FP discovery gives us a fascinating glimpse into it! In other words, the FP is definitely the best way of seeing what our future has in store and preparing yourself for what is on the horizon!

Therefore, this discovery is an important part of life that everybody on Earth should know about. This is exciting news for anybody who is interested in metaphysics, quantum manifestation, the occult science, mind control stories, transcendentalism, ect. The FP gives us more evidence that demands a verdict for the case of PK . This mind control stories eBook presents the FP discovery with 108 recorded cases for your telekinesis training. Readers are exposed to professional new research in quantum physics and engineering that proves the stark reality of the FP discovery and PK.

In this exceptional mind control stories manuscript, the author exposes you to the true nature of this distinct energy known as PK and how to control it, based on his exciting breakthroughs. Finally, a valid discovery has been made involving PK that enables us to understand and analyse "The Force" of PK like never before. Finally, PK energy has been openly exposed in a way that anybody can connect with. This new exposure of PK empowers us to understand, benefit immensely from and even build new theory based upon the discovery.

In this new paradigm of "atomic/quantum manifestation," knowledge of PK, valid discoveries in the field, and mind control stories concerning its functioning principles (FP's) are all priceless! The truth is that nobody can stop the evolution of humanity which is now bringing us into the new age of psi. The key at this point is to accept the reality of PK/psi as much as possible, and this mind control stories eBook helps readers with that. "This Is PK" provides cutting-edge and secret information about the true nature of PK that is not available anywhere else. Therefore, it is a uniquely powerful metaphysical self-help handbook and a tool that can be used for the rest of your life. Unlike physical technologies, spiritual technology and yogic knowledge has no "shelf-life" and never becomes obsolete.

So, this mind control stories eBook is a prudent investment into your real future. Again, "This Is PK" proves to readers that The Force is unquestionably real, based in the authors extraordinary discovery in the field known as the "Fridge Phenomenon" (FP). Moreover, the author gives you direct access to real electrokinetic power, which can be immeasurably beneficial to Human Life on all levels. In this new age of rapid change, technological advancement and scientific innovations, it is the study of PK that has emerged as one of the leading areas of research all over the world! This is exciting news and is happening for good reasons. The author maintains that for the sake of universal wellness, nobody should ignore or overlook the developments, discoveries and breakthroughs in this realm of parapsychology and metaphysics. In this exciting mind control stories manuscript, readers are guided towards developing telekinesis fast, and awakening psychic abilities instantly for transcendental purposes.

This mind control stories eBook is excellent as a tool for learning how to manifest the opulence and abundance that so many are lacking in life by working with PK power. From full financial freedom to spiritual emancipation, the yogic power of PK power automatically brings you whatever you need, once you learn how to use it and control it! Its as simple as that. Welcome to a New World of endless possibility for all who know the secret of PK. Just unleash your inner PK force and the solution will hit you out of nowhere in no time...Guaranteed! This is just as miraculous as the FP Discovery itself.

"This Is PK" shows you that PK is an incredibly powerful "thinking energy" that is your natural right to use for materializing anything you need in the Third Dimension. The mind control stories eBook specifically highlights the intrinsic connections between modern and transcendental sciences in light of the author's exciting psi discoveries. Most importantly, "This Is PK" is useful for learning to apply the principles of real transcendental yoga and mysticism to your life. In this exciting new age of psi, it is critical to think like a mystic, and this mind control stories eBook conditions you for that. Thinking like a mystic is necessary for developing the transcendental skill of seeing the Supreme. If you can recognize the Hand of God at work, then you will know when God is there. Then you can determine for yourself how God can help you!

Gita Sudarshananandaji is here to guide readers/disciples along the path of seeing the Supreme at work and engaging these cosmic powers in their lives. He graciously guides readers in actually developing telekinesis, by giving them the most effective and proven techniques and telekinesis exercises. This mind control stories eBook also exposes laymen in these areas to the highest levels of transcendentalism and a wide range of metaphysical practices. This work is ideal for many people right now are seeking something new; new solutions for a new age that are highly effective for creating the life that they have always wanted. For a growing number many people around the world, this mind control stories eBook is the rapturous light giving them the lives they have always dreamed of! In this Age of Kali Yuga, people need hope and access to real cosmic power on this planet now more than ever.

When we see signs and wonders such as the FP discovery, it means that we all need to pay close attention. The author contends the information in this mind control stories eBook comes directly as a result of communicating with God in yoga, and inducing consciousness on the highest levels, by working with PK Force. In addition, the Guru directly effectively teaches us on why telekinetic power is an effective key to success, fulfillment and happiness. Furthermore, he admonishes readers to constantly apply this information to their lives; for that deep-down change in the fabric of life and karma that is needed to permanently extinguish all miseries and suffering in this age of great peril and misfortune!

This mind control stories eBook presents readers with an entirely new perspective for grasping the science of psi, and how true PK indeed may benefit Human Life. This author's PK experiment results are also exposed, which strongly confirm the stark reality of psi! While so much research has already corroborated the existence of PK, "This Is PK" presents spectacular new discoveries in the area that further substantiate the existence of PK; how it works, and how you can learn to control it! Lots of expert opinion in the field of quantum physics is revealed regarding this most supernatural display of PK power.

This recently discovered PK effect popularly known as "the FP" reveals a great deal to us about the true nature of PK. It answers that one nagging question still lurking in the heads of so many: "Is it real?" "Is psychokinesis real?" Unfortunately, at this juncture in human evolution, there is so much misunderstanding in the world about what PK actually is and how it works. The author presents many new theories and methods for controlling, amplifying, triggering and applying this cosmic energy to benefit or maybe even save your life!

You can now learn telekinesis fast, conveniently and effectively, by using the metaphysical exercises provided in this mind control stories eBook. And what's more? "This Is PK" portrays yoga and real religious principles in an accurate light, empowering you to experience life itself from a transcendental platform. What could be better? You should note that this mind control stories eBook takes a rather distinct approach to the study of PK. It is certainly not about how to bend silverware or move mundane objects with PK power.

This eBook is about using this very same cosmic force for spiritual purposes, quantum, manifestation, to enhance Human Life and to directly repair karma! In other words, this eBook is about using PK to affect life itself. From time to time, we are all faced with pressing issues, needs, trying circumstances and predicaments that demand immediately effective divine resolution and intervention. Whether it's family, health, financial, academic or emotional, everybody needs that extra energetic boost to supercharge life itself at its core! This mind control stories eBook shows you exactly how to use your innate God-given telekinetic powers for controlling matter, and enjoying your entire life in perpetual spiritual ecstasy.

In this day and age, the question is always whether this or that metaphysical/spiritual practice is "effective" and "real." Over long periods of time, we have lost touch with the ultimate verities of spiritual science, the occult and metaphysics. So, is telekinesis real or not? Most resources of that information can not give people any proof whatsoever to use in determining if it is real, as cases of true PK are exceptionally rare. In fact, less then one percent of humans have electrokinetic powers. Lord Gita Sudarshanananda was karmically empowered by God with unique mystical power, for the sole purpose of helping people from all spiritual avenues to see the Supreme Reality!

This mind control stories eBook provides readers with ample direct evidence that metaphysics and PK are unequivocally real and how to use them for positive permanent change. Here, telekinesis is examined in terms of its true cosmic nature, while many powerful correlations are drawn between the chakras and Kundalini energy. The author provides you with extensive and highly practical telekinesis training. Therefore, anybody who even dares to read this mind control stories manuscript will certainly induce consciousness for that great awakening of real psychic abilities! Readers also learn why PK energy has no physical limitations. By learning to use this divine force, you and your karma also become unlimited in potential.

"This Is PK" is an incredibly powerful tool for developing telekinetic power fast, and using it on all levels of life. In fact, it is unlike any other mind control stories books on yoga, metaphysics and spiritual development! It proves to readers in various ways that this secret cosmic power is unquestionably real. In fact, we are the best resource on the Internet today for telekinesis training, and for actually developing telekinesis through yogic practice. Instead of merely making groundless claims and citing mere experience, this mind control stories eBook at least gives you the author's very own psychokinesis experiment results, which prove the reality of PK. It reveals the deepest transcendental secrets, the highest yogic information and mystical insights. The eBook extensively analysis practical Buddhist thought in relation to psi matters and PK.

There are many correlations between telekinesis and practices of transcendentalism. "This Is PK" shows you the most closely guarded ancient secrets about developing telekinesis. You can learn to use the power of your PK to effectively move mountains in your life, instead of mundane objects just for fun! On the other hand, you can use this same power to experience life from the transcendental mountain peak. "This Is PK" explains all of this within the context of striking discoveries in the field of psi.

Unlike other mind control stories books on telekinesis exercises, which can be quite expensive, this mind control stories ebook does not make the outrageous claims that everybody will be able to move an object! However, this does show readers that there is a force within all of us that we can for manifestation purposes. And, that PK is unquestionably real and how this has all been proven in psychokinesis experiment results. It gives you practical tools and insights for integrating the power of PK into your life for awakening psychic abilities.

This mind control stories manuscript trains you specifically in how to amplify and use the divine power of your own PK to create what most people consider "unexplainable" miracles. People all over the world wonder how to learn telekinesis fast and use these God-given mystical powers to their advantage. Till now, there has been very little information available that shows people how to produce real and observable results using psi. That is because you are vicariously and subconsciously trained in observing life itself from the standpoint of a true-mystic through the eyes of the author. And, this mind control stories eBook is most informative because we are just now beginning to experience psi/PK in relation to modern technology.

Finally you have access to an unlimited well of power and secret energy treasure that can be used by anybody that is interested in developing telekinesis. The author fundamentally believes that if one can master the principles of PK through the practice of mystic yoga, then one can achieve anything in life, meet any needs, and surmount any obstacles. Hence, this mind control stories eBook is a powerful tool for developing telekinesis to the point of directly controlling matter by understanding how it really works!

Why are so many people interested in reading "This Is PK?"

It concerns real yoga and clarifies many common misconceptions regarding its true purpose.

Gives readers a competitive energetic advantage on a planet that is increasingly lacking many vital resources.

Directly relates to how the power and reality of PK is connected to something most are familair with--The refrigerator!

Further substantiates and validates the existence of psi phenomenon and PK.

A priceless tool and resource for metaphysical practice, mind control stories, spiritual healing, awakening and transformation.

Highlights how control over metaphysical forces is the central function of yoga and transcendental meditation.

Gives readers the most ancient and powerful secrets for controlling life to the fullest using the principles of disciplinary yoga.

People all over the planet are using this mind control stories eBook as a tool for spiritual awakening, triggering PK scientific forces and repairing karma.

This mind control stories eBook gives readers a vivid glimpse into the future of this new paradigm, which is characterized by a major increase in psi phenomenon and PK activity.

Clearly explains and presents the FP discovery with its implications for everybody.

Explores the philosophical and historic underpinnings of "real religion" and how that is intrinsically connected to all yoga, the occult science and metaphysics.

Plunges readers into the essence of all occult mysticm and spiritual science!

Thoroughly educates the reader in using psychotronics /psionics technology for facilitating quantum manifestation by the power of PK.

Literally puts the power of positive permanent karmic change right at your fingertips for use all metaphysical/spiritual work.

Effectively shows readers that PK is an indespensible ingredient in life that clearly benefits Humans and other forms of life on all levels!

This eBook specifically addresses your need to know:

Is telekinesis real?

The real nature, meaning, purpose of yoga, transcendental meditation (TM) and how this is all connected to quantum manifestation with PK.

The author's mystical mind control stories and divine revelations regarding the connections between yoga, the chakras, true PK .

About the stark reality of psychokinesis (PK), and how its deepest secrets are directly connected to transcendentalism and yoga.

How the latest discovery in the field of PK known as the Fridge Phenomenon (FP) is a direct result of the author's mystcial yogic practices.

That the existence of PK, which has been generally overlooked by the masses, has indeed been confirmed in psychokinesis experiment results by the world's leading universities and scientists.

Why the FP directly proves the existence of PK force and the far reaching implications for all who are interested in controlling their psi powers.

How the cosmic PK energy causing the FP can be utilized and controlled by nearly anybody, for unlimited purposes!

How the modern science of quantum physics and electrical engineering has already confirmed the reality of the FP in controlled research studies.

Advanced chakra balancing and spiritual purification methods for remarkable healing, self improvement, karmic repair and personal achievement.

Controlling the energies used in psychokinesis, projecting it, and literally programing it to manifest your deepest dreams and desires!

How this cosmic energy can be used for the highest purposes including spiritual evolution("reincarnation").

Psi technologies (psychotronics) being used for amplifying your PK, managing trends, influencing destiny and changing karma!

The psychokinesis experiments, mind control stories, and ESP tests that the author has conducted, which undeniably substantiate and prove the existence of psi phenomenon/PK!

After reading this eBook you should be able to:

Understand and clearly explain the real nature and purpose of chakra-yoga in relation to working with PK.

Use transcendental yoga and meditation methods, for cultivating real psi capabilities for use in your daily life!

Learn from mind control stories that the existence of PK is real and unequivocal.

Explain the properties of PK forces, the true nature of it, and how you can use this cosmic power to help yourself 100% if the time; no matter who are, what you have done, or what you are facing in life!

Understand how to use this highly specialized secret knowledge for awakening and controlling your own PK for unlimited purposes, and causing it to work for you constanly.

Specifically, you should know how to use your PK to clear and purify your chakras for enhancing every area of your life.

Use this highly specialized information for immediate and effective self-help, solutions to any problems or removal of any obstacles you or any loved ones face!

Apply this sacred transcendental knowledge to your life, for maximum spiritual transformation, personal achievement, solutions to any financial problems and issues concerning love and relationships of all kinds.

Use this telekinetic metaphysical tool as a means of making the highest religious and spiritual connection--Oneness with the Divine!

Explain to others how the FP and PK is proven unequivocally by modern science in the area of quantum physics and electrical engineering.

Control the revelry of your reality, by working within the chakras realms using PK.

Understand how astral projection ("tandra") is a direct symptom of PK and ESP, how to control it to visit long lost worlds of great beauty and prestine.

How to enhance and optimize your spiritual disposition, personal successes, overall health and relationships using the chakras and PK energy.

Clearly understand and explain to others why Bhakti-yoga ("Hari Krishna") is the single most effective means of self help, well-being, personal improvement and spiritual advancement.

Index/Table of contents:

Chapter 1- Briefing on Psychokinesis:

Readers begin studying core concepts and mind control stories, concerning the reality of PK mind over matter (psi).

Learn about the science of psi as a whole, and its emerging role within the parapsychology discipline.

Briefly consider the stark realities of psychokinesis, its manifestations and various forms.

This chapter provides the foundational and specialized knowledge for understanding the analysis of PK and related mind control stories.

Key terms are defined, and concepts clarifired for becoming knowledgeable in the field of psi and mind over matter.

Chapter 1 Excerpt: " PK, sometimes called telekinesis, is more ancient than folklore. It is now the most heavily researched area in the realm of parapsychology. It is the ability of organisms to effect other organisms without the use of normal sensory mechanisms. PK is nothing less than mind over matter."

Chapter 2- Real Yoga and True PK

Outstanding commentary and cross-referencing from the Bhagavad-Gita, by Lord Sri Krishna that helps to articulate the true nature of PK force and how to use it!

The nature and purpose of true yoga, and how it is inherently connected to using PK powers.

Read about why "Krishna Consciousness" is considered the highest yogic standard of all.

Learn PK control techniques based on real mind control stories, for using the force through your chakras.

Extensive discussion and mind control stories on merging with the divine for chakra conditioning and personal development.

Study fascinating concepts from Mahayana Buddhism in relation to life itself, that help us to more clearly understand how PK works.

Chapter 2 Excerpt: "When referring to yoga, we really mean the process of linking our souls with the supreme absolute truth. The ultimate perfection of all yoga naturally should be our aim. According to the Vedas, the most authoritative world scriptures on yoga and real religion, this transcendental plane of perfection is known as bhakti-yoga or "Krsna Consciousness."

Chapter 3- Yoga and the Metaphysical Science:

Learn about the inherent connections between yoga and psi powers in relation to the chakras for controlling matter like never before!

Study how true yoga is inseparably connected with the occult science, the chakras, psi power and real mysticism.

Explains the importance of Kundalini energy, and its indespensable role as an ingredient in attaining oneness with the Divine.

Learn the distinctions between prana energy, kundalini and PK force for enlightening your spiritual journey.

Recognize the importance and need of the sacred Guru-Disciple relationship.

Study ancient principles and mind control stories of yoga and Buddhism for a much deeper philosophical understanding of how PK works.

The technical aspects of working with PK, for integrating perfectly into any metaphysical/spiritual work.

Chapter 3 Excerpt: "Yoga, the occult science, and real religion are one and the same, and they always have been. Real religious principles by definition can not be fabricated by anybody. It comes from one source, the Vedas, that has been passed down over the ages and encoded into all of our societies and cultures."

Chapter 4- Spiritualistic Mediums and Early PK Research

Mind control stories on spiritualistic mediums in early Victorian times were studied by top scientists for PK and ESP abilities.

Read about mind control stories involving the very first innovative technologically used in PK research.

Exposure to many PK research subjects around the world, who have compelled the attention of leading scientists.

Learn from mind control stories involving the very first PK research subjects and their most spectacular feats!

The author's first hand experience with real levitation, which is indeed one of the most rare manifestations of true PK!

Chapter 4 Excerpt: "According to Price, the table levitated several times during the seance, and it remained in the air for many seconds. At one point, it even rose well above the heads of everybody sitting. Two of the legs broke away from the table, which produced a loud sound. The whole table eventually snapped suddenly and the top broke into two pieces. At the same time, the legs that remained on the table crumbled up..."

Chapter 5-Modern Institutional PK Research and Findings:

How the existence of PK has been conclusively proven by the world's leading universities and scientists.

See how highly sophisticated and advance technology is now being used at every stage of the PK research process.

How psi was experimentally proven in Duke University PK studies.

PK power has been experimentally proven in quantum physics to control subatomic particles, magnetic fields, temperature and much more.

Read mind control stories about the latest breakthroughs in PK research apparatus and implications.

Brainwave control and how to use it for enhancing your psi/PK powers, and changing your vibration, for shifting frequencies, and working with the Law of Attraction on the highest levels!

The specific properties of life energy (Prana/Chi) and how it functions under your control through the chakras.

Chapter 5 Excerpt: "It is universal force that pervades all matter; it can not be eliminated from anything; electricity, friction and many other specific sources of power can concentrate it; It has polarity; It can radiate over any distance and conducts through metals, glass and fabric; It can be transferred from one body to another; it is often luminous and visible; it is especially harnessed within the human body."

Chapter 6- PK and Healing Among Humans:

The realities of religious/mediumistic/spiritualistic healing; and mind control stories that you wont find elsewhere about the central role of PK in healing Humans!

Find the correct way to achieve the most effective healing results in any area of life using PK through the chakras in yoga!

Consider the true nature of miracles and how they should be handled in your metaphysical practices.

Read many controlled studies, mind control stories, and experiments in the field of "Psi Healing" with PK scientific forces.

Chapter 6 Excerpt: "Many people do not realize how sensitive to psychological factors many diseases are. Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of our times. However, most forms of cancer are curable by orthodox medicine and certainly can be prevented. In fact, cancer is extremely sensitive to our psychological ups and downs. Our minds and emotions certainly play a powerful instrumental role in the development of cancer. So, by learning to control the mind, we can indeed inhibit its development."

Chapter 7-Bioenergetic PK Healing Research:

Modern scientific experiments and mind control stories involving PK power in healing animals and influence plants.

Learn how to heal your own animals, plants and loved ones, by applying the secret knowledge and principles of PK and chakra-healing.

Why all biological systems are affected by human telekinetic forces.

Extensive experiments and mind control stories showing readers how PK power can be used to directly affect yeast growth, fungus cultures, horticulture, and even hemoglobin from blood samples.
Chapter 8: Introducing the Fridge Phenomenon (FP):

Learn specifically what the Sacred FP Discovery actually is, and analyze exactly how PK functions in the author's mind control stories.

See how the author's transcendental bond with his Vaishnava Guru directly lead him to discovering the FP, in his mind control stories!

Learn from the many other breakthroughs and discoveries in the field of PK/electrokinesis, for integrating into your metaphysical practices!

How the FP was discovered in the first instance? What specific transcendental methods and metaphysical practices initially lead to its discovery?

Take a glimpse into the author's world of what it feels like to manifest and control the PK Force causing the FP to happen.

Chapter 8 Excerpt: "The FP highlights the increasing integration between Eastern and Western ideologies. It was born from a marriage between Eastern mysticism and transcendental thought on the one hand, with the heart of Western-mechanistic science, culture and technology on the other. Along those lines, the FP provides an entirely new way of studying, observing and proving the stark reality of PK. It is a classic manifestation of mind over matter."

Chapter 9- Empirical Research for the FP:

Examine the author's 108 recorded experiences, mind control stories and observations with the FP.

Learn many powerful secret methods for metaphysics, healing, transcendental yoga, meditation and the occult science that are embedded in these emperical records.

Know for yourself exactly how the FP functions as a manifestation of telekinesis/PK; how you can use and control this very same cosmic power to change your entire life!

Naturally and safely amplify your own PK by merely studying these empirical records and mind control stories.

Study how specific yogic and chakra practices used by the author are directly connected with the FP--the power of PK.

Learn yogic and TM methods for inducing deepest states of relaxation, trance (Nirvana-samadhi) and experience true divinity by meditation on the PK force in action.

Excerpt from Chapter 9: "The eBook medium of communication is the best way to illustrate this psychokinetic phenomenon. I hope that these records give readers a clear idea of the FP's true nature. I consider the records of my PK experiences quite priceless because it is hard to find recorded instances of how true PK works from the inside, and where it relates to modern technology that we are all familiar with. So many people have heard of PK or telekinesis, but they are not sure about exactly what it means and how it works. Since just about everybody has a refrigerator, it is easy to use it as a frame of reference for understanding how PK works."

Chapter 10-Eye Witness Testimonials:

Read testimonials/mind control stories from disciples, friends and associates of Guru Gita who have witnessed and confirmed his mystic manifestations of PK.

Witness the FP and the author's other mind control stories of real telekinesis through the eyes of the beholders!

Why the FP concept is apparently not limited to refrigerators, and how this highly intelligent PK force can easily control other material objects, systems and processes.

Read mind control stories of how eye witnesses felt while being subjected and exposed to telekinetic power!

Exerpt from Chapter 10: "I was sitting in my friend's bedroom with Guru Gita and two others. We started talking about the flickering-light phenomenon, and instances where he has done this at will. While we were talking about it, the light in the room blacked out for a few seconds. We were all taken by surprise while sitting in darkness. Nobody was standing anywhere near the light switch, and it obviously lost its electric charge in some other mysterious way."

Chapter 11-Controlled Experiments with the FP

Mind control stories from private experiments conducted with the FP.

How the FP has been unequivocally and professionally proven under controlled experimental settings.

Substantiating the FP under controlled scientific conditions, using the rigors of quantum physics and electrical engineering.

Seasoned scientists corroborate the FP, and its direct evidence of PK.

See how telekinetic triggers are experimentally proven as effective telekinesis tools.

Why the existence of PK as a whole can no longer be denied or ignored by the so-called skeptics.

Exerpts from Chapter 11: "Everybody has a refrigerator and is familiar with how they work. During many trials of PK experimentation with my refrigerator, I proved mind over matter... The major advantage of this experiment is that it removes the obstacle of doubt regarding the mind's ability to interact with and control physical technologies including computers."

Chapter 12- PK Triggers:

How to control your PK and develop the highest telekinetic powers for controlling your world to the fullest by influencing events, outcomes, and the revelry of your reality with PK!

Discover effective and safe ways of raising your PK, enhancing ESP and psi powers.

How to awaken and amplify your dormant Kundalini powers for optimum control and spiritual power.

What PK triggers are, how they work in relation to your spiritual/ritualistic practices, and how to use them as the most powerful metaphysical and psychic tools.

Learn how specific Bhakti-yoga practices and methods can be used to control PK.

Excerpts from Chapter 12: "Anything that can be consciously triggered is by definition under some degree of control. As one who has worked with psychokinetic phenomenon on a daily basis, I naturally have discovered a lot about how to trigger it, control it, and amplify it. I believe that one key to happiness and control over matter is to integrate these triggers into our daily lives. In this chapter you will find a sample of things that I have discovered actually triggers PK in an instant."

Chapter 13- Psychotronic Apparatus:

The author's incredible supernatural mind control stories, experiences and discoveries using these cutting edge technologies.

How to use psychotronics for self improvement, chakra clearing, personal empowerment, spiritual advancement, conflict and crisis resolution!

See how some nations and their brightest scientists have made phenomenal advancements in psychotronic technology which does include telekinetic weaponry!

Mind control stories from US military officials having first hand experience with advanced psychotronic weaponry.
Classic Transcendentental mind control stories from Vedic (yogic) scriptures (Srimad-Bhagavatam ) concerning the history of telekinetic weaponry, and how they have been used in warfare since the remotest times!

How modern quantum physics has already confirmed the power of psychotronics through research with the FP.

How shield yourself and loved ones on all level and at all times against very real modern threats posed by telekinetic/psychotronic/"psychic" weaponry!

Excerpts from Chapter 13: " 'Psychotronics' is a term that denotes the merging of psi advancements and engineering technology. It is literally "the projection or transmission of mental energy by an individual or collective metal discipline or control, or by an energy emitting device." It is also regarded as projection of mental energy so amplified that it actually becomes a physical or chemical force. According to many researchers, scientists in some nations have made significant progress towards practical application of PK energy."


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